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Born and raised in Paris, Pascaline has embraced her lifelong passion for photography professionally, specializing in studio and architectural work for the advertising and publishing industry.
She fell in love with Canada fifteen years ago, during her various travels, and discovered another approach to still life. From abandoned farms on the Canadian Prairies to historic rural dwellings in Sweden, Pascaline tracks down the ghostly character of human presence. Wherever she goes, the footprints of lives past become the object of a quest. Every detail, every subject, every shadow and light evoking the passage and desertion of man. 
She has had several exhibitions of her work in Paris featuring her passion for capturing human traces. She continues to work in Paris as a photographer and graphic designer, while living and pursuing personal projects between France and Canada.

"More than anything, it is the ‘act’ of taking pictures that I love. For me, the world and all things are created perfectly. It is the meaning and interpretation that we give to the things we see that create their imperfection. Through my lens, I see only a composition of lines, materials, colours and light. The world is stripped of its meaning. I seek to capture its underlying essence, the original perfection that exists in all things. And through this, each picture continues to teach me to 'look' and not just see."

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